beveled glass process

The processing of Hand Beveling

Cut glass is taken to the Roughing Plate for the first step to process

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Step 1:

Glass is measured and cut by hand to specifications.

Step 2:

Cut glass is taken to the Roughing Plate. This is the first step in grinding down the glass to bevel. Therefore, this first process makes the roughest cuts. A trough feeds very coarse silicone carbide grit and water onto the top of a spinning grinding wheel, creating a rough surface. The glass is then shaped by hand.

Step 3:

The Ebony Wheel is the second step. Similar in appearance to the Roughing Plate, this machine differs in the roughing process because very fine aluminum oxide grit is used instead of the silicone carbide. This creates a noticeably smoother surface to the glass bevel, but the process is by no means complete.


Step 4:

The Upright Stone is an antique machine only used to create the incurves some beveled glass works require.

Step 5:

The Polishing Stone is the next step. This kind of polishing stone is very hard to come by, as the company no longer manufactures stone from the Newcastle quarry. Using only water to prepare the stone's surface, the cut glass' bevel achieves a more polished, more finished appearance.

Step 6:

The final step in creating a finished glass bevel is using the Cork & Felt Polishing Wheel.